The Twelve Days of Christmas



In many Christian-based religions the first day of Christmas is Christmas day and is the beginning of “Little Christmas”, also known as Nollaig Bheag (Irish – Scotish – Gaelic) or many call it “The Feast of The Epiphany”.

  • The first day is the 25th of December which is Christmas Day.
  • The second day is the 26th of December.
  • The third day is the 27th of December.
  • The fourth day is the 28th of December.
  • The sixth day is the 30th of December.
  • The seventh day is the 31st of December which is New Year’s Eve on the Gregorian Calendar.
  • The eighth day is the 1st of January which is New Year’s Day.
  • The ninth day is the 2nd of January.
  • The tenth day is the 3rd of January.
  • The eleventh day is the 4th of January.
  • The twelfth day is the 5th of January and is The Eve of The Epiphany.
Some who observe the Twelve Days give individual gifts with each day of the Twelve Days representing a wish for a corresponding month of the new year. The entire twelve days is in observance of the Christmas season, celebrating each day and evening the entire time through the morning of the Epiphany, lighting a candle for each day has become a modern tradition in the United States. Some, instead, light a Yule Log on the first night (Christmas) and let it burn some each of the twelve nights.
Many Americans have their own traditional foods to serve each of the twelve days.
In many parts of the world, especially in the United States this period of celebration has been over-shadowed by commercialism and has led to the misconception that the Twelve Days are a celebration that would take place in the days before Christmas Day. It conveniently has come to fit with promotional sales for retailers.
It would be great to restore the meaning of the Twelve Days – it would certainly extend the spirit of Christmas into the New Year!

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