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Sage – Rosemary Hair Rinse



I brewed up a new bottle of it for my hair, today!

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My Journal



This year I purchased my private journal at the MoMA store in Rockefeller Center.  I really enjoy city shopping especially around the holidays and this is one of the things I bought for myself.  I try to buy my journals for the upcoming year when I am out doing something I love and all year long it serves as a joyful reminder each time I write.

This year my journal includes artwork adapted from the works of William Morris (1834 – 1896). He is remembered as the English designer who, in his time, brought fine art into homes through his intricate, nature-inspired wallpaper, tapestries and other textiles.

The cover and page borders of my journal feature bits of his design “Pink and Rose” (somewhat ironically, those were my unintentional colors for my new year celebration; I rarely wear these colors).  Other details feature bits from “Curtain”, “Wild Tulip”, and “Fruit on Pomegranate” (one of my new year traditions).

This journal really seemed to fit into this new year without any plan… I simply loved the design and bought it.

Now that the new year 2013 celebrations are over most of us are trying to settle into our “normal” routines (or maybe some of us have resolved ourselves to an entirely new routine).  

Handwritten journaling is something I love to do.  In the late 1990’s/early 2000’s I tried to only journal on-line and I always felt like I was missing something in the process… aside from that I like an excuse for carrying around a lovely book. 

Pomegranates and New Beginnings!


Pomegranates are a beautiful fruit.  I’ve heard it over and over again about how they just aren’t worth the effort.

Sure, they are a little bit of a looming catastrophe if you are all dressed in white trying to eat a dull knife and no water… otherwise these gems are quite easy to eat without any red mess at all. And separating the seeds from the flesh… also easy!

Step one… wash your fruit.  Yes… I said wash your fruit.  But why; I intend on eating the seeds, not the rind!?  Because it’s just safer, so wash the fruit – I like to wash using a little baking soda but just a liberal washing of any sort is great!  Rinse, rinse, rinse.

Step two… cut off the crown end… it’s the little end of the fruit that looks like a crown. Don’t put this in the garbage disposal… please compost this if you can, or discard.

Step three… score (from top to bottom) through the rind in several places around your pomegranate (as if you are creating wedges – but no need to cut deeply).

Step four… in a bowl of water (cold to tepid) soak the entire fruit.  Make sure your bowl is big enough to accommodate the pomegranate and your hands along with the water.

Step five… break apart the pomegranate along the scores. It does not have to be perfectly broken… just go with it.

Step six… underwater – remove the seeds from the membrane/rind.  The membrane will float to the top the seeds will sink to the bottom.  The water will turn a bit pink.  Oooo… it’s pretty.

Step seven… remove the floating debris from the bowl, using a spoon or your hands,,, whichever… then compost or discard.

Step eight… using a colander, strain the seeds from water and you are left with something remarkable: pomegranate seeds.

What makes these seeds so remarkable?  They taste great and are good for you.

Pomegranates are filled with history, legend and lore.  In Buddhism three kinds of fruit are held as sacred – the orange, the peach, and the pomegranate.  In Christianity pomegranates are often depicted in religious art as a symbol of resurrection and eternal life. In Judaism pomegranates are symbolic of fertility and abundance.

Considering the history of the pomegranate fruit and its place in religion and culture, one can easily imagine how they are said to be good luck in abundance and prosperity.  They’ve come to be a customary, symbolic, and “lucky” food for some on events such as a New Year celebration (Julian, Gregorian, Rosh Hashana, etc.), as well as any celebration of new beginnings – such as a wedding – as it symbolizes fertility.

Next time you see this gorgeous fruit get it!  (Get a few; they keep well.)  They are well worth any effort you might think is in the way of enjoying such a great-tasting, versatile and epic-ally impressive fruit!


On Media Bias… and We Hate Each Other… Are You Really Well-Informed?



Anyone who locks down to one news source is missing out on information. It’s important to seek out an un-skewed view, or even an opposing view – don’t limit your knowledge to only hearing what you *want* to hear. Seeking out more info can confirm your opinions, sway your opinions, or at the very least help you refrain from calling someone who doesn’t share your views a derogatory name that will in turn make you look like another derogatory name. Don’t be hateful… 

Presidential Debate Bingo

Presidential Debate Bingo 2012

I’m An Artist… I’m A Writer… I’m An Artist… I’m A Writer

I'm An Artist... I'm A Writer... I'm An Artist... I'm A Writer


When I create art it is an extension of my desire and intention to write. Whatever my creation – I never forget that I am a writer.


Liking Yourself… On Facebook

Liking Yourself... On Facebook

Why does Facebook even give me the option to “Like” my own status? Of course I like my status, I’m fucking hilarious. And sexy.


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