The Song Of A Heartbeat


Mothers have a place in our hearts always, sensing their heartbeat is a like a song that fills us with warmth, security and a feeling of belonging… a Mom keeps each of us within herself until we are born into this world – our Mom’s are our very first safety… there is no need to learn to trust – there is no learning to love – it’s simply and naturally there between us.  With so much love that remains when our Mom’s heart ceases to beat and to comfort us physically we in turn have the chance to keep our Mom safely inside ourselves while our heart beats for the rest of *our* life.  And then the love, it’s hard to keep inside.  Wouldn’t the world be a greater place if we lived with the intentions of a Mom… the pure intentions, the uncomplicated intentions?  We need to give the extra love that was part of our Mom’s physical presence and purposefully send that into the world… pass that extra love to your families and to your friends… and to people we come across from day to day who we don’t even know. Whether you are a Mom or not… we should hope for our own heart beat to be a comforting song to those we love and for the things we do or say to bring hope and love into everyone’s world.  Never forget the very first thing that your Mom did for you, even before birth… which was to nurture, protect and love, extend that into the world… and it can only be a better place for all.  Smile… choose loving words, laugh at yourself… learn… laugh more, love… care.  Forgive.  Breathe. Make all of your of the heartbeats that remain inside you, a song of love. ~ Phyllis Ida Concordia

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